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I shipped two boxes through UPS. When I received them, one of the boxes was in a completely different box with all of my stuff just dumped in several smaller boxes.

Some of my items were broken, and some of them were ruined because they were covered in some oily fluid that seemed to spill. I called customer service and told them what happened, they said that they would perform an investigation and someone would contact me in 5-8 business days. After two weeks, I still had not heard from them so I called back. They claimed that they finished the investigation and sent me a letter debriefing it, and that they contacted the store from which I shippes the boxes; b.s.

I never received a letter, and when i contacted the store, the employee said they never teceived anything about an investigation.

They've been sending me around im circles, it's been almost a month and nothing has been resolved. I am pissed, and I will never ship anything through them again and I will advise all of my friends and family not to ship through them either.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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