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I recently ordered a ps3 online and some games online from walmart on the 13th i got my ps3 shipped thru Fedex and it arrived the next day on the 14th however my games were shipped thru ups they shipped from Minnesota on the 14th arrived at san leandro,Ca on the 17th and has been stuck there for the last 3 days i am angry at walmart for shipping my games apart from my ps3 and at ups for not delivering my games for over a week now and still counting i really wish walmart stops using ups and starts using fedex more and also starts shipping items together from local stores and not from the other side of the country I WILL NEVER AGAIN BE USING UPS AFTER THIS!!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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@hollins1- no i actually did read all that ***!idc if they shipped it at different times or from another warehouse, what pissed me off was that they sent the from the other side of the *** country like they didnt have anymore warehouses in CA,Nevada or Washington and had it stuck at san leandro for over a week for no reason and last I DO HAVE A *** JOB! I PAID FOR IT SO IT SHOULD BE DELIVERED ON TIME NOT WHENEVER THEY FEEL LIKE IT!


PLEASE!EVERYONE know's that WAL-MART SHIP'S WHAT THEY HAVE IN STOCK.What is not in stock wal-mart let's everyone know that the shipment's might have to be shipped at different time's because these product's will be coming from another warehouse.LEARN TO READ.PLUS if all product's are not shipped at the same time,WAL-MART will alway's send you an E-MAIL to state when the product's will be shipped and WHO will be delivering the product's.Get a job.AND you will not have time to sit and WAIT on some dam games to arrive.***.


I have spent 2 hours dealing with UPS. They were suppose to deliver 3 boxes, totalling over 200 pounds to my unit, the lazy driver left them in the lobby.

I cant move them, UPS said they cant move them til monday and in the meantime i will be fined daily by my condo unit.

UPS does not have a complaint option on their contact page and if you search their site on "complaint" nothing comes up. Are they that Arrogant or do they just not care.


Just because you order several items from the WalMart web site doesn't mean that they are all shipped from the same warehouse and some of the items are actually shipped from separate businesses.

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