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Went to a chain store to mail a package 1/22 from Minneapolis to Chicago. I admit it was a large box, and I was charged $58 for 2nd day air, which I paid as the box contained a loaf of bread.

When I checked on the package Tuesday 1/25, I learned it had gone from Minneapolis, to Des Moines, IA; to Louisville, KY; to Hodgkins, IN; and arrived in Chicago at 12:10 AM on the 25th. It was not delivered to my daughter's address until 5:08 PM however - after the mail station for her dorm had closed.

When I spoke to a CSR on Tues afternoon, I was told that the package should have been delivered on Monday and that if I called back after it had been confirmed as delivered I could get a partial refund for the service I paid for but did not receive (2 day air). I called back today and was told that information was incorrect and that they DID have until Tues.

to deliver it as they don't count Sundays, and really they don't have many staff working Saturdays either.

This is ridiculous for a company that is completely based on doing nothing but package delivery.

I'm incensed I had to pay so much for such poor service. I will be careful to never use UPS again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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No carriers deliver on Sunday, or consider it a business day. Pretty common knowledge.

And how could they have delivered it after the place closed?

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