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Wow!!! So I thought since UPS now has this cool new (My Choice) service, I could finally leave FedEx.

WRONG!!! So, I go to sign up for the My Choice account and it will only allow me to do so using an address that I no longer live at. So, once I'm finally signed up I think, I'll just update the account with my new address. WRONG AGAIN!!!

After many failed attempts, I get in touch with tech support regarding the error the site keeps giving me only to be told the reason I cannot update the delivery address is because the new service uses public record to verify who you are and I have not lived at my new address long enough for the system to be able to verify it. Wow.. So basically, I cannot have a shipping account with a delivery address that is MY address, because you can't verify it. Even though I live here and can prove it.

I mean really...??? Why in the world would I want to have a shipping account with a delivery address that I no longer live at??? Does this make any since to anyone?? Or is it just me..??

That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. I can understand using public record to verify someone's identity. It's actually one of the more secure forms of identity verification. However, telling someone that they cannot use his/her own address to create the shipping account even after they have successfully verified his/her identity because the new address isn't showing up in public record is the most abserd thing I have ever heard in my life.

And I've heard some pretty messed up things. So, I will gladly be changing back to FedEx. And no matter how they might change the system in the future and even if they where to offer me a free years worth of shipping fees covered by them themselves... I will never..

Neverrrrrr.. Go back to UPS. I would rather pay double shipping fees and have to wait double the ship time then to ever go somewhere where they are *** enough to emplement a system of this nature for ANY reason.



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