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I had a package to be delivered to my address in July. I live in a townhouse complex with several units in a row, and letterings on all the doors to denote the unit. I live in Apartment I. Supposedly, on the day that my package was delivered, they knocked on someones door and the occupant responded that I no longer lived there.

So, without contacting me, they rerouted the package back to the other side of the continent. I called the UPS number, as I had been tracking the package online, within the hour of the package being turned around from my door. I was assured by the CSR that the package would be intercepted at its location and shipped back to me. 2 weeks later, I got email confirmation that was received back by the shipper.

Unhappy, I talked to UPS and the shipper about getting a refund on the items, which was doable, and the shipping, which was not doable because "The latitude and longitude looked approximate to your location". The only problem is that I was home at the time it said it drove to my door, and saw no sign of the UPS truck all day. Repeated calls to UPS to let them know the driver was mistaken ended up on deaf ears. Their line was "Well, we're looking at facts and we can't help you." They value the Driver's word above all.

Nevermind that I got packages successfully before and after this incident.

Long story short, UPS refused to reimburse the shipper because of their incompetance.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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