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I have a vehicle that requires a special radiator that aren't that easy to find. I finally located one, believe it or not, on Amazon and ordered it, and of course it was shipped via UPS. I was able to track the item and actually signed up for it to text me on any change in status. I received a text stating that my package had been delivered to my home at 6:42 P.M. ...hmmmm... I'm home, have been home, and no one rang the doorbell or knocked on the door. So, I checked my front porch, nope, no radiator. I then walked the entire street of my neighborhood, thinking the driver had mistakingly delivered it to one of my neighbors. ...wrong again.

I immediately contacted Amazon and they also showed that it was delivered. After being on hold with Amazon, and UPS for quite some time, the lovely lady at Amazon offered to call me back after she had contacted UPS. She called me back later and told me that she had discovered that the package had been delivered to my address and asked me what apartment I lived in. What??!! I don't live in an apartment! I live in a house within a normal housing addition. If you put my address in your fancy little GPS, I assure you, it will bring you directly to my front door. She told me that UPS showed that it had been delivered to my exact address...and to building or apartment 5X!

The local UPS district was to contact me the following morning by 10 A.M. in an attempt to remedy the problem. I assumed that they would attempt to retrieve my package and deliver it to me that following morning. In an attempt to speed the process, I called the customer service number to UPS the following morning at 8:30 and asked if she could provide a local number for me to call so they could figure out where my radiator was. She told me that the number was not to be released to the public! What the ***? Let me get this straight, millions of people in this world with shipping or receiving issues and they have but ONE number to call to get help?!! She told me that it had been noted in my file that the local office was to call me at 10 A.M. I sat and waited. Guess what!! No call by 10 A.M. ...meanwhile, some jackwagon who resides in building or apartment 5X of some apartment complex in some God knows where location...has my radiator sitting in his house about this time laughing his *** off at his good fortune and the poor *** (that would be me) that has paid out the *** for said radiator!

Oh, ...and Amazon is out of stock. They have offered me a refund but now I'll wait for another week or more to try to find another radiator. Let it be known, that I have no ill feelings towards Amazon at all. I have received nothing but help from them with this issue and their customer service is absolutely top notch. UPS dropped the ball on this one, as I have found after reading several hundred complaints about them that I am not the one lonely pissed off consumer!

I guess for any future online purchases, I will have to check to see who they use to ship their items before deciding to purchase it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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