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I shipped a new iPod Nano to my sister via UPS. At UPS store, I didn't tell them what was inside or what the value was.

When my sister received the package, unwrap the bubble wrap, open the plastic box that came with iPod, but nothing was inside. The package itself looked perfectly packed like no one had open it before.

My sister called me and told me it was an empty box; I had her mailed me a photo. When I saw the photo, I found someone at UPS opened the box carefully, took iPod Nano, ear phone, and the wire, then that person carefully wrap it back to the way it was and shipped it to my sister.

It seemed like UPS scanned the package and knew it was iPod Nano.

What really made me angry was, I even couldn't find any phone number on UPS website to speak to anyone on this. My sister contacted UPS, they just told her they would do investigation, but didn't hear from UPS ever since.

If I'm a seller and my customer received a package like this, I will be in big trouble.

I will never ship with UPS again.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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I shipped a Samsung Galaxy S8+ phone via UPS.The addressee received an empty box with no sign of tampering.UPS employees are stealing expensive electronics.Do not use UPS!


I just received an empty box (no signs of tampering) . It was supposed to have a canon 1.4x III extender .

Just the bubble wraps and the invoice. I think UPS sucks.


I just received my iPhone 4S package which was sent from Sprint with UPS today... Guess what?

The package was empty. I ran back after the UPS truck and was able to catch up with him. (Thank God) The driver actually told me the box felt kinda light to him too. And he was nice enough to call up his supervisor and tell him that I opened the box in front of him.

He took the empty box with him.

I am on the phone with Sprint right now. See what happens...

@Mark Baker

same thing happened to me. did your situation get resolved?


The same thing just happened to me today, except my package was obviously ripped open and inside was a sorry letter from UPS saying were sorry for the damage. But nothng was inside of the package!! How can I get a refund or my item back?


maybe ur sister just made it all up so youd feel bad and send her another lol.