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Package shipped usps via ups. Ups got my package here, printed the shipment information to transfer to usps at 7:53 am yesterday.

Usps has not recvieved it yet. Are you kidding me? I hate ups. Last time I ordered a package, said it was delivered, it didn't show up till the next day!

I called ups the woman I spoke with said she would talk to the truck driver and see what happened. Never heard from them again. I assume the driver was too lazy to drop it off in the rain. Because we had no idea what happened or if out phone was stolen we started a missing package report with google.

Btw if you do that google will send you a new phone. Too bad they were kind enough to mail it the next day and the one we ordered showed up around 5pm. Because we started that report and had a new phone we had to mail the one that had just arrived back. Ups is always a *** delivery service.

No matter who I order from or where I live they can not keep it together. I wish I could never deal with them ever again.

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