So I ordered some stuff from Amazon using my Prime membership free 2 day shipping. Then we got hit with snow and ice. Cool. As I'm tracking my package, I notice it says that my shipment will be delayed due to weather, but that it was at my local ups center. So I get on UPS's website and try to sign up for UPS MyChoice so I can choose to pick up my package at the center. No big deal.

Problem is that the website wouldn't verify me because my billing address didn't match my the billing address of my cell phone service provider. Impossible because it was copied and pasted from my cell phone service provider. Maybe the site is having problems. Cool.

So I hop onto ups live chat to see if they will allow me to go pick up the package. I get a copy and pasted reply about severe weather delays. I tell the gentleman that I understand that, I'm trying to go pick the package up myself. He replies that it is not available for pick up. So I inform him of the UPS MyChoice option to pick up the package. He says he's going to call the center to see if they have the package. Finally he replies that he spoke to a young lady who said that the trucks were backed up and the package was not available for pickup.

At this point, I am a little frustrated, but it's Thursday and there's still a Friday that it will be delivered. And to make it worse, FedEx and USPS have had absolutely no problem getting in and out of here. FedEx has delivered everything that was shipped through them from Amazon on the exact same order.

So it's Friday, I wake up, check the tracking information, Out for Delivery. Outstanding. Except, at around 4:30 when I check it again, Item has been delayed by another business day. Monday. Wow. I know a lot of the UPS drivers in my local area because my previous job required contact with them twice a day and I know how lazy they are. But this is on a whole new level.

I know the FedEx guys too... still pretty lazy, but at least they get the packages to their destinations

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Same thing here I talked to a driver today he said they just threw everything that could be blamed on the weather in trailers because the packages that are commng now have service agreements that they would have to pay for if not delivered on time. he said it could be weeks before we get our packages that there is no big hurry.


VA beach here same issue except I saw UPS trucks all week wouldn't allow me to pick up for will call Saturday because it was after 7pm the time they say to wait until.


Exactly the same issue!