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I regularly ask to have wine shipped to my home. UPS can never deliver it timely and they fail to ring the doorbell when they do arrive. The last delivery was the worst. We specifically waited home so as not to miss the delivery. They again failed to ring the door bell and left their *** note--twice. We scheduled a specific delivery time and paid $5 to have it delivered on Friday. I took the day to work from home. They never put the package on the truck. When I called at 4:30 pm, I was finally told I should drive 30 min and pick it up at the warehouse. Guess what? I spend the 30 min to drive there, wait in line for 30 min, wait 30 min while they hunt for it only to be told they locked it up and they would "try to deliver it on Monday". What utter BS. I call the customer service number. It is a complete misnomer.

They clearly don't care about the customers and the folks on the 1-800 number can't actually do anything.

My advice is vote with your check book and use some other delivery service. I have. Who has time to wait at home for 8 hours 3 days in row for them to decide to do their job.

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I HEAR YOU. I waited all day 5 feet from my door yesterday and the doorbell never rang, and nobody knocked on my door.

I have a dog that goes bonkers anytime the doorbell rings and anytime the door gets knocked on, he will stand there and bark at that door. I finally look outside my door at 7:30pm and see the sticker on the door that they had been here, but no doorbell and no knock on the door!!! HOW DO THEY NOT KNOCK OR RING THE DOORBELL? And it's a "new guy" and he shipped all my packages back to sender!!!!

HORRIBLE. THE 800 NUMBER PEOPLE sayin broken english "sorry cannot help you, we will let ups know your troubles, thats all thankyou." I was not happy at all.

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