I ordered skull candy headphones and i was supposed to get them today so this lady came to the door and she like i need 5.28 om like ok give me a couple minutes let me go grab some money and then i went upstairs looking for some money and i couldn't find anything so i kept looking and then i heard the doorbell ring and she was standing in her truck and was like IF YOU DONT HAVE THE MONEY NOW YOU SHOULD COME TELL ME NOT MAKING ME WAIT AND THEN AND SHE LIKE ILL BE BACK TMMRW i had told her to wait a couple minutes and ill be there with some money she did not ANY PATIENTS OR RESPONSIBLITY UPS I AM VERY DISAPOINTED IN YOUR SERVICE.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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people dont understand we work 12 hours a day driving up to 300 miles to make deliveries we dont have time were given less than a minute per stop and we dont take cash


What the driver is supose to wait while you break into your childs piggy bank. Do not order it if you can not afford it.


what are you like 12 years old? drivers have other deliveries to make believe it or not and are on a tight schedule.

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