Talking Rock, Georgia
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I will never again buy from a vendor that uses UPS for their deliveries. Once again, UPS has failed to deliver.

They got a package all the way from CA to GA and then sent it back to CA, recording that the "Vendor requested the package to be returned." Of course, the vendor did no such thing. The vendor was shocked when I called to ask them why they had "recalled" my package. Note that it has now been 10 days since I placed my order and I suspect I will be waiting another 10 before it (maybe) comes. I live in a remote location and have tried repeatedly (phone, website) to help them get deliveries to me.

But no. They just lie and blame someone else. This is not the first time. Fed Ex and USPS have figured this out and work with me very effectively.

UPS not only fails as a delivery service but fails in handling phone calls.

(Not my problem, they believe.) They just don't get logistics. Never again, UPS.

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