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Alternate Title: UPS screws up shipping method and tries placing blame on

Long story short, I decided to buy a book from on Dec. 25 2012. When it came time to select the shipping method, I selected 2 day shipping. The item was shipped on the 27 from Ontario (I live on the East Coast of Canada) with no problems. Just last night when I went to check on where it was on the UPS site, UPS reported that it was being shipped by UPS Standard.

This morning I called up the American/International UPS phone number -as the Canadian phone line is closed on Sundays- to ask what was going on. UPS said they the package was moving along nicely and that I'd have it after New years. UPS said that it Was Amazon's fault because UPS only goes by what's on the label. They also said that doesn't have a 2 day shipping option and they kept repeating that Amazon doesn't have a 2 day shipping option, that I'd have to contact Amazon to sort it out, that my package's shipping method is ground shipping, that it was moving along nicely and that if it didn't arrive on the 2nd of January 2013, that it would arrive in 5-9 business days.

I then called up -which the phone line for the Canadian site was thankfully open- and asked them what was going on. The representative checked into it and said the the records of the transaction said that 2 day shipping was ordered was paid for and was on the label. They said that it made no sense for them to ship it with UPS as 2 day shipping while US ships it as ground package especially when the package only weight 2 lbs.

So back to the US phone line I went looking for answers and I got this extremely rude woman on the end of the line. She kept repeating that it was a ground shipment and that it would get to me when it got there and that ground shipments weren't delivered on Holidays -on the 31 of December in other words. I once again said that Amazon had said on their site and a representative had both said that 2 day shipping was purchased on the item -the Item with the 2 day shipping included is CDN $35.47- and the representative said something around the lines of "I don't how to explain it so you will understand."

I asked to speak with a manager and she immediately tried to say that he would only give me the same information, again saying she didn't know how to make me understand, she also asked for Amazon's constant information. When I started to provide it to her she said she had no way to contact them as she can't make outbound calls, and when i offered's e-mail and live chat options she said that they wouldn't work and asked me to make a conference call to amazon and include UPS in the call. I turned the tables ad said that I couldn't because I'm in a residential area and first of all, conferance calls are not included the the phone package my family has.

After the second and third time of he saying that she "can't make me understand" I demanded to see a manager after letting a few choice words fly as well as telling her that just because I'm a Canadian doesn't mean that I have to put up with how she was treating me and that it doesn't take a Paralegal graduate to understand that if someone paid for 2 day shipping and is instead getting ground shipping that not only did someone screw up but that's fraud. Thankfully she put me through to her manager.

The manager told me that he didn't know what was going on with the situation and said that I'd get the package Monday and if not then then in 5-10 business days. I did tell the manager that I just wanted it sorted out. He said that Amazon would have to call them and they'd have to see the records that Amazon has and go from there. I explain that i was sorry for the choice words to his representative but I'm so sick about calling customer service representatives that are located in the US and getting the same "you don't understand" attitude from them. The only good thing I have to say about the manager is the fact he said he's order an internal review of the shipping procedures, and he's deal with the representative personally for what she said to me. Now whether or not he actually follows through with it is another story. He does know however that I do reviews for items I buy online and I also Rate the shipper as well and that if the issue wasn't resolve I'd comment on the fact that Amazon had said that the order was made with the 2 day shipping option and that UPS is saying that it's being delivered by UPS standard/Ground shipping. He didn't really have anything to say about that.

I called Amazon back up about it and the Representative from said that he's going to try to get in touch with the shipping department and see if they can double check everything with my order as well as call up UPS's Canadian phone line tomorrow to see if they can help clear things up. The Amazon Representative also put a not on my file that someone has to contact me on Tuesday Jan 1 2013 to see if the Package arrived on Monday Dec. 31. They said if it doesn't arrive by tomorrow, they will refund me the shipping cost.

Again Unreliable Package Shipper insists that it's all Amazon's fault. Regardless, I'll be home all day this week -with various members of my family- so if UPS tries to say that they couldn't deliver the package because I wasn't home, I will call BS. The nearest US store -last time I checked a month ago- was 40 minutes away by car. If UPS screws up and my dad has to drive me all the way over to that store to pick up the package I'll be more than just pissed.

Just checked the UPS site and the most recent scan was Concord, ON, Canada, Thursday, 12/27/2012.

They said that it was moving along nicely and they knew what province it was en route to. I asked where it was en route to since their website didn't provide this information and they said "you should have it on the second". So they know where the truck is that it's on but they refuse to tell me.

Anyway. gonna ask Amazon if I can talk to their shipping department so i can know if they shipped it out as 2 day like the records say.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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