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I had ben tracking a package for days and all the tracking info said it would arrive Wednesday; said it was out for delivery.Wednesday came and went and no package.

Called UPS and was basically told that the tracking info we all depend on is ***. Most of those scans aren't actual 'physical' scans of the package, but scans of the trailer the package is on and packages can fall out of the trailersI? I kid you not. Bottom line: I was informed by a UPS supervisor that my package is lost or stolen, and the last physical scan of it was in Chicago (I'm in WA).

He told me a trace and claim could be filed the next morning. So, the next day I plug the old tracking info into UPS site and it says the thing is out for delivery again!. I called UPS and was assured the package was actually physically scanned and for sure it would arrive today. Guess what?

It didn't.

I have no idea how many times it's going to be reported as 'out for delivery' or how many clueless UPS agents I'll have to speak to to get this thing resolved, but as long as 'out for delivery' keeps showing up, I can't have it traced or initiate a claim process.

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