Kalama, Washington

Once again, I've been let down by UPS. Most of the deliveries I receive from them arrive in good order.

Our local office, however, has a driver terrified of trees. Since we have a long driveway lined with trees, he refuses to drive down it--it's scary, you see, and he won't be able to turn around. So, he leaves packages (admittedly, he wraps them in plastic) at the end of our driveway. 1/5 of a mile from the house, next to the road where anyone could drive off with them.

This results in our trying to figure out what bush, shrub or fencepost he may have left it near--it's Easter egg time here quite often.

Today's complaint is that a package didn't arrive. In spite of being "out for delivery" since 8am this morning, at 8:40 PM they decide (in their words): Emergency Conditions Beyond UPS' Control / A Postcard Has Been Send To The Recipient Requesting That They Contact UPS." (their version was all in caps). What "emergency"?

Yes, it's been raining here today, but the creeks haven't risen, no bridges are out, no roads are close....what? And they sent a postcard? Terrific. If I waited for that to arrive with rural delivery, it might get here next week some time.

So, tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will be calling and ripping someone a new orifice.

Friends don't let friends use UPS.

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