OMG lesson learned - never again will I buy anything from the US that ships to Canada using UPS - the brokerage fees which are not disclosed are unbelievable!! I bought a pair of boots from planet shoes and got "free shipping" when they arrived,l UPS wanted 50% of what I paid for the boots in brokerage fees.

This was undisclosed in my purchase price and apparently to return the boots I need to pay the brokerage fee.

Absolutely attrocious!! This is absolutely unethical,unfair and I just read online that many people are upset about all this and are filing a class action suit - I am officially boycotting this company.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Brokerage fees are the taxes and tariffs on your purchase. Even if you buy something in the USA you do need to pay Canadian Taxes upon the package entering the country. No matter who you ship with, they will charge brokerage fees as Customs Canada charges they courier to release the package.

UPS only charges a tiny percentage for acting as a brokerage agent.


You pay taxes/tariffs when you import something into your country. Some countries are worse than others, Canada being one of the worst in the civilized world.

You have to have a broker when dealing with a pain in the a$$ country like Canada.

But it's not like UPS is just taking 50% of the value and putting in their pocket, that's not what customs and brokerage fees are. And of course the info is disclosed, just probably not by the website that you ordered it from.

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