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little known felony case in Hamilton county, Cincinnati Ohio where local UPS drivers are brought up on charges and convicted of Insurance fraud. UPS has done a stellar job of keeping it quiet in Cincinnati.

the driver is from Dearborn county Indiana on Berkshire Drive and has ties to Dear Park( cincinnati). lesson learned choose Fedex every time! Unions cannot be trusted right Jimmy Hoffa? Ole Jimmy was the one who started the Teamsters the same corrupt Union that controls UPS.

Funny this guy is name Jim too. www.hamiltontountyclerkofcourts.org ie dont leave packages with money for UPS just a thought

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Or look up the word 'Libel' in the dictionary.

UPS takes security issues very seriously; their reputation is at stake, continuing to employ, and cover up for, a reported theif would not be in their best interest.

You should post a link, verifying your assertion, or retract your statement.

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