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I came home after working a double shift to find UPS had made a "1st attempt" to deliver a package that needed a signature. They said they would make their 2nd of 3 attempts between 2-5 pm the same day, after I had left for work.

I called their automated system number located on the Infonotice and said I wanted to pick my package up at the facility. They said "great, it is availabe for pickup today. Someone will call within the hour to confirm". 3.5 hours later, when I was knee deep in my sleep for the 8 hours I had off, I got a call confirming I would pick up my package today, before closing time.

I drove 30 minutes out of my way to another city to get my package and when I arrived, the clerk told me it was on the truck and out for delivery. She said when I called the package was already on the truck and when they called to confirm the driver was already gone. She called to confirm that my package was on the truck and then asked if anyone was at my someone was going to be there I would not have wasted my $3+/gallon gas to go pick up the package.

Then they asked if I was going to come back tomorrow to get the package. Like I have a choice....

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

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