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So the hunt for my property began after 11/02/2011 i had 7 packages shipped from Canada location number 613-739-0139 spoke to " manager" Param,the same guy that helped pack the stuff when it was sent off to the US, He requested proof prof of citizenship for customs asked me to fax docs so i emailed them to the email he gave,after that they charge me 2000 for the shipment and i notive right away the next day 3 of the packages said they needed extra info, called 1800-742-5877 to provide it since they just had left to make sure there no inconvenience, spoke to someone they assured all packages were updated, next day goes by i check and those 3 packages are still not updates i call again to see whats up, and the girl that took the call tells me at the moment she cannot update them,and that the packages are all going together not to worry, so i wait till 11/14/2011 when they are supposed to be here,4 packages get here 3 are missing. called and asked they say they are somewhere in Austin but they don't know exactly were, edu rep to update the info she says she just did today..

i asked what about the call i made this weekend she tells me they didn't update any address on the weekend so they lied about it NOW what pissed me off the most is that they placed the copy scan of my SSN printed on an 11x8 paper full view showing my SSN name, and address, talk about a security... ups has none. so packages were never delivered to the door,m the never called for the ones that did arrive and now they want me to wait 3 more days for my things. i dont think i paid 2000 to get the run around on the phone from 10 am to 3:30PM store manager not helping at all just defending his point of view, point is this is the 3rd time UPS does this to me and 2 times with international shipments, i can say i truly hate them and they do not run a legit honorable business.

now lets see what other BS i will go through now since im still waiting on my things..

seriously *** UPS! dont recommend at all even if your mailing a *** in a box expect that to never reach its location

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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