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I have been trying to get UPS to reimburse me for pictures (23)that were water damage since 4/23/10 and to this day all I get is excusies.I have a tracking number and a claim number and to this date 8/4/10 I have not heard from none of them.I RECOMMEND AND ADVISE EVERYONE TO THING TWICE BEFORE SENDING ANYTHING THROU UPS.THEY COLLECT THE MONEY BUT IF SOMETHING IS RUINED AND IT'S THIER FAULT, THEY UPS WILL TRY TO WEAR YOU OUT. THE NEXT STEP FOR ME IS GO TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT.

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Handle with care doesn't mean anything to any carrier, fedex and the post office included. (Conveyor belts can't read) The idea is pack an item properly.


yep UPS can't be trusted...especially with packages you care about because they don't care about them...i've heard some pretty sad stories from friends who've worked for UPS. Handle with care on the side of a box doesn't matter to them and it's usually asking for trouble. fedex is the best!

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