The dress was ordered for my teens homecoming dance. UPS delivered the dress to "110" house number on the street behind us. I had to make 8 calls and sit on hold and repeat the STRESSED search for this dress to the idiots at UPS 8 times!!! It was thursday night and the dance was friday...she was the very first freshmen to be nominated in the schools history for duchess...and we had NO dress!

I was furious...We went up and down along with our neighbors all the streets in our neighborhood. Left notes on doors of who ever didnt answer ... Friday at 6:20 ... 30 minutes till kickoff...a neighbor brought our pkg.

Just typing this *** me off again... I WILL NEVER EVER USE UPS AGAIN...they have never reimbursed me for the shipping charges (overnight by the way) nor has there been an apology...I hope they all rot in *** for what we were put through.

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Wow, just wow. I would hope that UPS would never want your business again.

Your poor time-management skills lead to your own demise and you want to blame UPS.

That's rather....pathetic. =/

Winterset, Iowa, United States #93341

The thing that gets me with people like you is that you wait until the very last minute and then hope everything falls into place. If this was such an important event for you, why did wait until the day before to have the dress delivered. What if UPS had delivered the dress to the correct address, on time, and then when you opened the package, the dress was the wrong size or color??? What would you have done then??? Obviously this would not have been UPSs fault. We would be reading a post on how sorry the dress company was.

I read a post where a guy ordered his fiancés engagement/wedding rings the week of the planned wedding on Saturday. The company shipped the package overnight for Saturday delivery. UPS made a mistake and mis-routed the package.......it happnes. Fortunately, UPS was able to locate the package and a manager drove it about 300 miles away to make sure it was delivered. And you guessed it, the manager was not thanked by this man and treatd very rudely, by the complainers own posting. My question for him is the same as yours......why wait to the last minute for something so vital or important. If it truly were that important, maybe you should make sure you had plenty of time to fix the mistakes that are bound to surely happen.

Some people just amaze me.


Thats a bit of a press saying you'll

never use UPS again

(Lets not be over reactive


Not ever wanting to use UPS again is a bit of a press

(Lets not be over reactive)

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