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I had a shipment being delivered from Massachusetts to Chicago by UPS, normally a two day transit. It was picked up at a commercial customer site and shipped. For some reason, they routed it indirectly, and it arrived at Franklin Park late Friday. They told me they would not deliver it til Monday. I offered to pick it up at the Franklin Park depot, they told me that would be too much trouble. I told them I would lose a $10,000 sale (the customer needed the item to finish a large order for Saturday pickup), they said too bad, rules are rules, we can care less. I am filing suit against them, see how much they care then.

UPS is a large company, and too cavalier for their own good. If possible use anyone else. Federal Express would never treat a customer like this.

Marshall Hagy


Monetary Loss: $10.

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Truly rotten service. This company simply does not care.

Same issue. Nine hours on the phone, two supervisors that promised to get my package back, neither lifted a finger. Then charged me cod fees for my own miss shipped package.

Never been treated so poorly.


hey marshall I m no longer an *** out wandering around live in Columbia sc now email me ay


Yep Marshall... When are you getting your halo? You are a scammer and a liar.


If this is the same Marshal HAGY that sold motorcycle parts in Chicago then I for one do not believe a single word this liar, thief and bucket of vomit has to say. He caught me on ebay for just over $400 Aust.

He is well known here in Australia, he caught a fellow from the UK and at least 3 motorcycle enthusiasts in the USA have warned me about him. I have no problems with UPS and do at least 2 shipments a month from the UK and one from the US. I would like to attend court when he instigates proceedings and give evidence about this thief. I still retained notes of my conversations with him and his receptionist Laura Collins.

She seemed decent enough and advised that all she gets is complaints about this low life. There are warnings on other sites about HAGY. Have a read and form your own opinion.

He regularly changed sites on ebay when he accumulated a number of negatives. Ebay were aware of his activities and REFUSED to take action.


Way to embelish, UPS told you "too bad" and something was "too much trouble"? I call BS and it makes me wonder what else you have lied about.

In any event, good luck with your lawsuit.

I highly encourage you to sue, you will waste a lot more money (compounding your perceived current loss).

When shipping 100's of thousands of packages daily it is possible that something can get misrouted.

If it was that important why did you not 'play it safe' and choose expedited service? Cutting it that close was pure foolishness if it would trly cost you 10k.


don't waste your time with a lawsuit. shipping insurance through any carrier doesn't cover indidental damage, which is what you'd be seeking.


The first thing I thought when I read your complaint is why did you order your stuff last minute, especially with 10 grand on the line?


I went to the fed ex area of this web site and found they treat people just like ups! I guess we are have no chance.

Good luck with that suit! LOL

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