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As the comments suggested, I have to mention clearly that I didn't go the first time they rudely asked me to leave. I admit this is my fault.

I should leave and complain with UPS about this. I did go when they were trying to call the police.

My complain on this post is that they rudely asked me to leave (given that I've done nothing wrong), and they have abused this right to *** off normal customers.

Original review posted by user Nov 20, 2013

Today, as UPS customers, my wife and I had a very bad experience at UPS center (Roanoke hub, 3941 Thirlane Rd NW, Roanoke, VA 24019). The workers even called police to evict me and my pregnant wife, from their 'private' land. The cause of this situation is really simple: I tried to understand why I can't pick up my packages which have been requested to be held at this facility (tracking #:1Z1Y2E020320492758). Amazingly, a male supervisor rudely refused our request and told us the only solution for us is to leave. He called the security before we realized what has happened. The security came and then called the police.

We left before the police coming because I don't want my pregnant wife got hurt. But you can imagine our anger and confusion. Have we done anything abnormal or dangerous? Was my request unreasonable? On the

way leaving I talked to 800-pick-ups and confirmed that at least one of my packages is still on held for pick-up at this facility. She told me I can pick it up today. Joking? Frankly speaking, my wife and I

will never have my feet on this UPS land again.

Here comes my question to this giant shipping company: Is this the way you have trained your employee to treat customers? I took 50 min's drive to pick up the package, but only got ice-cold faces and voices saying 'your choice is to leave'. No apology or 'sorry' during the entire process. Obviously there was something wrong with your interdepartmental communication. An apology will solve the problem easily. But your 'supervisor' just asked us to go. I was confused. Am I wrong? I did call to hold the package, and got confirmed. At least one package is still on your facility, but the 'supervisor' refused to give it to me, and he tried to evict us.

The story sounds not interesting. And it has completely changed my impression on UPS. Something is wrong. I am sure I am not in the wrong side. I feel very unpleasant with this experience. I really hope to see how much UPS cares about customers' feeling, and their reputation. But I failed.

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wth does being a minority have to do with it? And were you there at the specified time for the pick up or did you go and ASSUME your packages were there and then act like a combative consumer? You said 1 was there, had you called in for the hold for pick up??


Oh, so you left the first time they asked you to?

to MikeBrady #744908

OK. I agree.

I should leave and complain when I come back. The decision to stay there and argue with them was so ***. It is their right to ask me go.

I did go when they called the police. I just want to complain that they have abused this right to *** off normal customers.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #744893

I think you left something out. Companies usually don't call the police about an inquiring customer.

to MikeBrady #744896

Nothing left out. Just normal argument.

Everyone from this company assumes I've done something wrong.

I contacted UPS to complain. But no one has apologized. A manager from the corporate office called me but she is rude too. She kept on asking me what I have done to made the scene happen.

I told her I was trying to argue with the 'supervisor', just as what I was doing with you. And she insist they had done nothing wrong.

Though she said the local office will investigate, I have completely lose the faith of UPS and I will put this company on the 'garage' list. Do not even argue your rights with them, because they will easily call the security and police to evict you, no matter whether your are minority, whether you are pregnant, whether you are their customer for many years.

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