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I was driving on Mission Blvd at 5:15 PM today September 20, 2013 I was driving in the fast lane, the UPS driver in truck #53059 wanted to get into my lane. I tried to speed up to get around him, He stared into my lane.

I honked my horn so he knew I was there already. All of a sudden he swerved his big brown truck in front of my car and tried to hit me with it! I slammed on my brakes to avoid getting hit by the truck. Then I tried to go around him and he was yelling at me "I had to get over, can`t you see that you *** Hole" then he went real fast to the turn lane.

I thought when you put your turn signal on, it was a request to get into the next lane, not a right!!! This guy needs some more training in Drivers ED! "THIS WAS ROAD RAGE" He deserves to loose his job. Just because you have a BIG brown truck does not mean you can use it as a tool for Road Rage.

I will call my Attorney on Monday. There was no reason for this. Needless to say, I will, nor will my company use UPS ever again. We will not support that type of behavior.

FED EX just got our business.

I cant believe that UPS allows thier drivers to act like this, to use thier truck as weapons. ONE REALLY PISSED CONSUMER!

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Linda, hope you weren't injured!

I work for UPS in Dallas non managment.

If he was an older guy, he was nice only because he knew it was over. He had an avoidable accident and admitted to it. When he got back to the building, security was there, took his work ID and walked him out the door.

He no longer had employment with UPS.

His momentary lapse cost him his job, and no one could do anything to get his job back. May have cost him a good chunck of pension as well.

That is why the company stresses "PAy Attenion!


Please believe me when i state this fact.I was driving on the freeway in DALLAS,TEXAS when all of a sudden a UPS truck came into my lane of traffic and Hit my truck.The driver was a very nice guy.He got out of his UPS truck and Stated he was so sorry for hitting my truck,He explained to me that he was trying to get to his "BARBER"Before he closed.Can you believe that?But the UPS office had all ready telephoned my home when i got home and Guess what i had my truck fixed immediately and Also recieved a second check for $5,000 within two week's time.In your case you could have caused a serious accident,By trying to speed up and Not let the UPS DRIVER in.So my question to you is why telephone anyone,You are the one at "Fault" By speeding up trying to block the UPS DRIVER from getting over.WTF


"I tried to speed up to get around him" in other words you speed up to cut the truck off from changing lanes.

Sorry but you got what you deserve. :grin


Dear Pissed Consumer,

You realize that purposely preventing another driver from completing a lane change is illegal. That is the act of speeding up to close a gap if the turn signal of the vehicle is on. This is as much your fault as it is the UPS driver.


I am not related to a driver. YOU placed many folks at risk trying to cut off a person in a vehicle who was attempting to change lanes, regardless of the vehicle size.

Answer this: What was the speed limit, the speed you were going, and what was your speed when you accelerated to get past him?

What were thte road conditions, and how heavy was traffic?

All these facts you left out to prove you were in the right?


Amy, are you related to the driver? How would you like to be hit by a UPS truck.

What if you had your family in the car with you, or your child. This man took his anger out on trying to kill someone else with no regard for those around him.

Then yelling like a fool at me as if his inability to make a porper lane change was my fault. He should have know where he was going, and what lane he need to be in to get there.


Waste your $ to consult your Attorney, it is your right to do so!

Realize though, your first sentence is what hurts you the most!


The bottom line is. You should not be allowed to drive for a major comany like UPS and use thier trucks for road rage, because he could not get over into the next lane.

I will pursue this until he gets fired. The driver in truck #53059 tried to kill me, thats not just doing his job.

@***ED ***SUMER

Good luck with that. UPS actually still employs drivers that have killed people in an accident.

They have a pretty strong union so getting fired for calling you some names will be a hard task. Lol


"I thought when you put your turn signal on, it was a request to get into the next lane, not a right!" - You go ahead and weigh that so called Request with the law of larger vehicles.....guess who won that battle. Try not being such a selfish *** and let the guy in the lane so he can finish his job - it would have cost you what 2 mins of your precious time.


Call your lawyer to tell him that you almost got in an accident? ***.

I hope he charges you and then you can come back and post about him.

I am sure that UPS will go out of business if you go to Fedex. lol

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