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I am not shipping through UPS this year unlress they lower the fees back down and I will be posting this on the internet and hope millions will join me, the Government and the President of the United States says that there will not be a cost of living raise again this year so all of these companies that are jacking there prices up are trying to ruin all of us out here as they are trying to get there raise when the President said there is not a cost of living raise again this year making it 3yrs in a row so far!

If we all use a service that will not be jacking up there cost we will force all the othrs to lower there prices back down, why should we pay these outrageous prices when we will not be getting the cost of living raise?


Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Those 2 sentences you wrote don't require question marks.

Anyway, if you look at a map you can see that with the exception of Antarctica, Australia is the most isolated and least populated of all the continents. Of course it costs more to ship there.

I hope you've learned something about grammar and geography today. How's that for a sarcastic reply?


Not only do I have a problem with their rates, I have a problem with their handling. Three of the last four packages I have received thru UPS have had the contents damaged.


Try and justify charging $80 for shipping a package, that wieghs less than half a pound, to Australia? Lets see you make a sarcastic comment at that?


Yeah a $10 package will now cost you $10.40. It's a bloody outrage I say!!! lol

And 2 years ago the same package would have cost over $11.00, because of fuel surcharges, so the prices have actually gone down.

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