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I mailed a package using UPS online and reported the dimensions as 44 x 36 x 5" (it weighed 21# but was 41# by dimensional weight). Several days later I received a Notice from UPS for additional charges to my credit card because they claim my package was 44 x 36 x 7" thereby increasing dimensional weight to 57+#.

In actuality, the package was 44 x 36 x 4.5" and I still have part of the box to prove this (originally the box was too long so I cut down the length). I will contest this with UPS and my credit card company, but no doubt they are doing this to others as well.

This calls for a class action suit!!

Monetary Loss: $11.

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I went to the UPS store and purchased a 30x24x6 box but when I shipped it thru the same store it grew to 7 inches after it was delivered! Got a "credit card billing adjustment" notice by email!

I called and was put on hold for 23 min because " we are experiencing extremely high call volume". LOL! Stop cheating people and you won't have the high call volume, dufus! Or hire more service reps to handle your lyin and cheatin.

Mine told me they would remove the charge as a "one time courtesy". It will be a very cold day in *** before I ship thru this ripoff shipper.

Hey UPS! U suck!


That logic makes no sense. Because if pressure on box increases width, it should also reduce height cancelling that difference change out


There still doing this and I'm actually looking into others that may have had this happen to them please email me at NhGiftBaskets@me.com if UPS has corrected shipments due to a claim of incorrect dimensions.


Just caught UPS fraudulently increasing the size of a 3 days select. They added 8 inches in height.

Added cost is $50.43

$50.43 x 10,000,000 shippers world wide per week = 2,017,200.00 per month added fraudulent income.

Don't sit there and tell me a 400lb strength double sided box grows 8 inches because of abuse. This fraud is happening every week now and it's getting old.


Hey Speed, I think you've taken one too mnay hits to the head by Chim Chim...

Of course boxes can bulge when OTHER packages are placed on it. Did you think your package was so special it would travel cross country all by itself?

Packages are stacked in trucks, and ride in package cars and on dollies, at some point another package will come in contact with yours. Make sure YOURS is packed properly and with sufficient materials to minimize compaction/compression, ie don't use newspaper, tissue paper or worst of all, nothing at all.

After packing your item measure your box at its widest parts, along all three dimensions. Trusting that a parcel is the size a box has printed on the bottom, or taking a cursory measurement at one point on your box, is not going to be sufficient. And falsifying the information could be considered fraud on your part, you should be happy all you get is a charge for the correct dimensional size.

@Raxcer X

The real problem is they are measuring by laser not human. we had 4 identical boxes go out in one billing week.

they measured them at 4 different sizes adding $9.00 to each box.

when challenged they admitted that one of the boxes had been manually audited and found to be less than we had listed not more. They instantly removed that overcharge but refused to do it for the remaining 3 even though we can prove that they are all the same.

This is a tremendous rip off of the business cimmunity and the consumer in the form of higher cost.


21 dollars for cross country shipment...don't know the competitors prices but doesn't sound bad considering what it would cost in gas to drive down and back. 21 dollars is only 5 gallons of gas. put things into perspective people


$21.44 for a 1.1 pound package, five days, colorado to florida. DON't USE UPS!!! UPS SUCKS and is a Rip Off!!!


I have the same issue. I shipped a snowboard out after selling it on ebay.

I typed everything into the computer even added an inch on width, length and height to make sure i dont get into trouble or anything and now i get an email that they charged me an additional $50 because suddenly it gained 3 inches in length and 3 in width and 3 in height. I got this email saturday so i called them noone could help me and thebilling department was supposedly closed. tonight on a sunday at 11 pm i get an answer from their customer service that its the dimensions and thats why im getting charged. thanks to them i will get an overdraft fee because even though noone is supposedly working they could charge my card this weekend.

I will call them tomorrow morning and *** them out. i am livid. they better refund me my money.

i even switched to ups from usps because it was 5 bucks cheaper or 45 bucks more expensive now. absolutely the worst company ever


The box bulged when another box was placed on top of it and the customer was charged more? You have got to be kidding!

Now UPS charges you for flattening your packages!

What I love is the surcharges, for fuel, residential, delivery area, etc. I recently shipped a $35 package of which $14 was in surcharges!!!


It's not a scam. I am an Account Manager at UPS and what happened was that the box that you sent the item in bulged when another package was placed on top of it.

You all probably have boxes in your garage that are stacked on one another and you will all be able to see how a box can bulge sometimes a couple of inches. Also, keep in mind that all measurements and fractions of an inch or pound are rounded up. Years ago UPS and Fedex went by the actual weight and trusted customers to enter in the right information for the weight of the package. You are now buying space on the truck.

Imagine how much more space a box of pillows takes up that weighs 10lbs opposed to a box of bricks that weighs 50lbs but is a lot more dense. For large customers we do enter in custom variance to allow for any extra bulges of boxes, but this is a valid charge.

I understand your concern and mistakes do happen, but since your package was only bumped up a couple of inches due to bulging it is perfectly in reason that the dimensions on your box were increased. Unfortunately, your box was larger and created a fairly substantial adjustment


While I typed this letter UPS zapped my credit card account for 65$ because of 2 inches. Its a scam keep complaining call them and yell make noise they are Money hungry corporate bastarads and will cvreate more ways to deceive you and take your moneyYELL on the phone demand your money back and then threaten to call BBB and they will pay you..Its not fair, YELL SCREAM its your money


Hello All its true, Ups is ripping off shippers all the time, I ship up to 300 shipments a month, when I hand them the package its one size but after the stomp on it flatten it crush it it ends up with different measurements, the scanners for these adjustments is at the the distribution center, so the package gets abused before the scan it, Its a scam and a ploi to rip us off!!!

Dont be fooled they are aware of this but the collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in adjustments, The Sizes are so strict that it if a package gets crushed and bulges they charge more, I call them every week and they refund my money, I am now reporting it to the BBB and Consumer affairs, an inch could be $50 more in their book, also they have tons of charges they dont tell you about and they create them so you dont know till its to late, Online shipping with UPS is a nightmare and the feed off it.. So ITS TRUE, Dont listen to that guy about inside measurements the wall of the box is less than 1/4 and will not make the difference, Sme people have no edjucation and just love to trash others..

UPS is a giant Corporation and will take your money anyway they can, End of story, Keep complaining..


@ Ripped off by UPS on Box Size

18x14x14 are the inner dimensions of the box. If you measured the box yourself, you'd see it's outer dimensions are 19x15x15.

All boxes are made this way.

Either way, the difference in price between shipping those two sizes is exactly ZERO. So stop complaining about something you obviously know nothing about.


I went to the local UPS store in Bixby, OK and sent a box out that was 18"x14"x4" it was printed on the box. They charged me for a box that is 19"x15"x5" When I asked them why they added an inch to all the box dimenstiions I was told that is what they always do.

I think that is a ripoff plain and simple and it's not OK. Some day I hope they pay back all that extra money they are steeling from good people like you and me...That will be the day!


Pay cash people! They can't charge you more when they ain't got the info.



No, the UPS Store CANNOT charge more than UPS' published retail rates. Any such store would be violating their Franchise Agreement. The software they use is not alterable in anyway, and uses UPS published rates.


They did the same to me! I shipped an electric guitar back to a company for repair in the original carton that had the EXACT SAME dimensions as your carton 44x 36x 5 and weighed 21 lbs .

The dimensions of the box were printed on the carton by the company that produced it along with its' burst strength etc. The original as shipped weight of 21 lbs & dimensions were on the old UPS label the sender used to send pkg to me. I went to www.myups.com entered all the info and paid for and printed my label. I took the pkg to the UPSSTORE ( i.e MAILBOXES ETC) and asked them to check weight/dimensions for me..it was exactly the same.

When they finished weighing it they printed out a receipt and I glanced at the weight ..21 lbs. Three weeks later I get a notice saying an adjustment was made and the dimensional weight was 42 lbs and I will be charged an additional $12.

If I had at anytime just "guesstimated" any of the weights or dimensions I could see how I could have made an error! A phone call to UPS just got me nowhere despite relating all my facts to the UPS "agent".


ups refused to let me pick up a parcel from their local office and wouldn't tell me when it would be delivered. They made me sign a receipt at their office, then they dropped the package off on my steps when I wasn't home.

In addition, they had a fee for bringing the package across the border that was in addition to the quoted price. Now, if an ebay seller lists ups as a method of delivery, I shop elsewhere.


My father-in-law sent my husband three bowling balls total weight 62.5 lbs, which he paid at the time of shipping. I called UPS to place the package on will call, so that I can pick up the package that evening.

The package was lost, then I was charged additional charges, and the package was placed back on the truck for another delivery attempt. UPS is full of it!!!!