Just prior to Christmas in 2010, I shipped a small package (a 11" x 14" envelope) from my Local (Tracy CA) UPS office, to Ontario, Canada.

The shipping was already expensive--$18, with no rush, but I assumed that was because it had to travel outside the USA. When my recipient was supposed to receive it a week later, she got a note stating that UPS wanted an additional $50.00 to deliver it.

Why? UPS charges a "customs duty fee" that was never disclosed to me at the time of shipping. We both balked at the charge! When neither of us paid it within two weeks, while we argued the unfairness of the charge with UPS, they threatened to destroy it by friday of that week.

We had to pay. They scammed us!!!

UPS is a rip-off!! Don't use them.

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refer to comment by john s...read...absorb...learn.


I find it hard to believe that customs wants the $50. I have shipped motorcycle parts and video games to Canada plenty of times through USPS and have never ever EVER heard of this.

Not to mention it always arrives through standard First Class in a week or less. Don't use UPS is my motto, they have burned me many times as a frequent eBayer. UPS does not care about you or your packages. The last 6 or 7 packages I've received from different people from different locations have been all smashed up.

They ruined a nearly brand new exhaust pipe I shipped and the red tape to go through in order to get them to cover it is impossible.

Yeah, my customer and I got the raw end of the deal since UPS took their sweet, sweet time to determine that they wouldn't cover it anyway. I don't use UPS and I'd recommend not using them to everyone else.


Ughhh........ Once again people, please pay attention here:


UPS is not charging you $50 and putting it into their pockets.

The Canadian government is charging the recipient an import tax. They keep the money, not UPS.

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