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Well, for those of you who think this is an acceptable practice, you can pay UPS. This has nothing to do with time, fuel or anything else.

They have a contract with Sears and cannot charge any more. This is what is termed in accounting as \"cost shifting.\" It\'s how we pay $600 for a hammer with the defense department or $12 for an aspirin in the hospital.

It\'s a way to shift the costs from the real debtors to someone else. I choose not to pay it and I find their tactics to be a rip off of the consumer, especially when the source company is willing to pay everything, including this \"pickup\" charge.

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I recently ordered an item. I order from the web a lot because I live in the country and am disabled. It is difficult for me to travel to stores or shop in person. The item arrived and I paid $5.50 for original shipping charges.

They substituted the item without my consent, and it does not fit. In attempting to return it, they insist it be returned via UPS and they will pay the shipping charges, which the label shows. This is an international company with an account with UPS. They attempted to have UPS pick up from my home but UPS informed them that they will need my credit card to charge me an additional $11.39, more than double the original shipping charges to pick up the small item. This $11 is pure profit for UPS and they do not return to anyone. They keep it. So, the company pays the shipping both ways and UPS also collects from the *** customer. Not this time.

I am filing a complaint with the IRS as I think this type of profiteering needs an audit and I have filed a complaint with the FTC already.

As for UPS, I am elderly, disabled and living on a fixed income. This is the first time I have even heard of this policy but I was informed by their rep that they have been doing this to everyone for the past few years. This would be millions and millions of dollars of pure profit for UPS.

The Federal Trade Commission already has my complaint on file. If they get enough complaints, they will investigate, according to what they told me.

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Sears paid to SHIP the item to you and will pay to SHIP it back to them. You can drop it off at a UPS location for can pay to have the item picked-up from your home.

Those are two different things.

If you think pick up should be free ask Sears, the company that made the mistake, to come pick it up and see if they will, for free.

This is not cost shifting it is charging for services requested.

And the comment below about getting the IRS involved is laughable, the IRS is not in the business of monitoring and regulating the retail price of goods and services. YOU are the reason too many people are employed by the government in the first place, some poor sap had to waste time taking your complaint which no one will be following up on.


you can't realistically think that UPS doesn't have the right to charge a fee when driving out to the middle of nowhere to pick up a package. this is a private company that is designed to make a profit.

the company you ordered it from paid for the return shipping, NOT the additional pick up fee, nor should they quite frankly.

they could have issued a call tag, and a UPS man would come to your house, apply a label and drive off. they chose not to do that.

i understand you're disabled but you have to take some responsibility yourself. you order stuff online because it's easier, but it's the risk you take.


Maybe this will help...

The company you are shipping through is paying UPS for the shipping, whether it is being sent to you or you are returning the item. What UPS is charging your for is a pick up from your house.

If you take into consideration the time it takes for a delivery truck to go out of the way and pick up your package, that is what you are paying for. You are paying for that delivery truck to stay out longer, which means your money is going towards that drivers hourly wage, fuel costs etc

Lady Ilea

Well, you missed the part where they are already being paid for the shipping costs that they charge by the company that made the mistake. So, they want money to deliver it, to ship it back and then charge me twice the costs of the freight.

Just how much money should they be able to make? Do you think they should be paid 4 times for 2 labor events? I don't. And I did get somewhere talking to them and the feds.

I actually haven't had any difficulty with filing complaints with the feds but apparently you have. Sorry that you have had such difficulties with them, but they all have a process that you just have to follow.


So basically you don't think UPS should be allowed to charge for picking up an item from your house? Wow.

Why wouldn't they charge you? It's not their fault that the company sent you the wrong item.

And you've reported them to the IRS??

Hahahahahaha. Good luck with that.

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