Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I was charged $37.57 for "dimensional weight" of 33 pounds when the package only weighed 13 pounds. By their own admission on their OFFICIAL website, a package weighing 13 pounds should only cost $20.26 to ship.

"Dimensional weight" means the *MAXIMUM* the package *COULD* weigh, so they will always charge you more, unless your package actually weighs the maximum. This is an ongoing SCAM by UPS and there are many complaints and lawsuits about this. Spare yourself the aggravation and instead go to your post office, FedEx, etc. but whatever you do, don't do business with UPS as you will certainly be ripped off by this unfair trade practice.

Would you pay a gas station $50 to fill your gas tank because it could hold that maximum amount when you only need $5 worth of gas?

Of course not. I tried to complain to both the corporate office and the local store, but they only wanted to argue and point fingers at each other instead of providing adequate customer service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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USPS Does this now as well on packages that are larger in size. Sending a package 24 x 12 x 4 that weighs a just over a pound they charge 7 pound shipping costs


This kind of *** shouldn’t even be legal. Getting charged, for make believed max weight, unless it’s really max weight and your charged that price anyway.

We’ve let financial fascists run this country to ruin from top to bottom and it’s a guaranteed historical fact that it will continue to get worse. This is what happens when greedsters have control of the country.


Same story with ups downtown Ft Laud Painting actually weighed 27 lbs but they calculate 123 lbs. 49”x50”x3” on line freight quote $350 store charged my card $649


I to am being over charged for dimensional weight. My boxes are all the same size, and their measurements are all different charging me more.