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Take care of a woman who needs some medical supplies shipped on a monthly basis. Always wondered why her pulmonary medicine was shipped by special courier, same with her normal supply of catheters. Had to order catheters from a different company as the normal suppliers price was too high for quantity needed. 127 catheters in 4 sealed boxes were shipped from GA in a heavy cardboard box properly taped and labeled.

Today we heard a ring of the doorbell followed a few seconds later by the distinctive sound of a UPS truck accelerating down our 10mph street. Opened door and found a crushed box with the tape opened at one end. Someone had pulled a few of the catheters out of the inside boxes and actually opened two of these "sterile" devices. All was sloppily shoved back in the box and deposited on our door step. WERE THEY LOOKING FOR DRUGS???

HAve noticed here in Sacramento that whenever I get something from a company like J&R Electronics or Tri State Camera both east coast firms, they always have one end of the package crushed and the tape broken. It always looks like someone has gone through the boxes. (yes returned those shipments)

Problem is UPS won't hear it, they just say for the shipper to file a claim. BUT OBVIOUSLY THEY HAVE A THIEF OR THIEVES AT WORK!

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MILLIONS of packages go through the system EACH DAY. It is inevitable that some are going to get bent or smashed, breaking the seal.

If it appears no damage is done, these packages are re-taped.

If there is damage you have every right to file a claim and get a refund which is done through the shipper. More than likely no one is rummaging through your packages.

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