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Poor service I recomend if anyone lives in a apt where the main door is always locked dont get deliveries sent by UPS. The driver refused to make any attempt to try to get in the bldg when I called customer service to get my number added to my monthly deliveries they're goin to tell me the driver is not required to call the customer to get in the bldg.

WTF!!!!! HTF I'm I suppose to know when their here?

and I live on the top floor. Its cold outside I am not about to stand outside and wait on they're slow ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1248774

The main door is locked, and the driver makes no attempt to get in.

What is the driver supposed to do? Attempt to pick the lock to get in?

Since the drivers are not provided phones, how is a driver to call you?

to Anonymous #1320125

Maybe the drivers should carry phones... Duh!

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