Sent a personal package through UPS store #135 in Las Vegas (3540 W Sahara Ave.) The package was lost. I requested a refund for the product ($20) and the UPS shipping costs ($16.40).

I was refunded $25 - $11.40 short. When I called this to the attention of the UPS store, I WAS INCONSIDERATELY AND RUDELY told that is all they're going to refund me, and if I didn't like it, take it up with UPS. Called UPS but they did nothing but shuffle me around from phone number to phone number department to department. No one would do/or did anything.

I wasted over an hour with these UPS jerks. Never will I ship anything again through UPS. I am dropping my company's account with them as well.

One of the worst companies that I have ever dealt with. Harry Pappas, Las Vegas, NV

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