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We made a claim 10 years ago with UPS due to not receiving a package shipped to our house. We never acted on the claim and did not receive any settlement from UPS.

We just wanted to document the fact that the package was never received. Since then UPS went ahead and put us on the sign at receiving only list and refuses to leave any packages at our house without signature. They just did it again this week and shipped the package back to the sender. I contacted UPS and requested to put me on the do not do business with UPS list and they refuse to do so.

All I want is to stop using their service and use some other carrier instead. They claim they have no way of doing so and also no way to take me off the required signature at receiving list. I work all day and I want them to accommodate me but they refuse to do so.

I am really disappointed in this type of customer service. This is DO NOT WANT TO USE UPS EVER AGAIN CUSTOMER.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #813644

Be glad & happy to sign because if you do not,they will leave it just anywhere & then you will have the hassle of getting a refund yourself, they will NOT do it for you! UPS is the worst company on the planet.

Never use it. If there is anyother way! They throw things, they leave @ gate & do not bring to house,especially if they have a newbbie!

They do not train them well,anymore! They do NOT care!They are the top 10 worst companies to do business with!

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