I pay for next day delivery for an Amazon order because I needed it by, shocker, the next day. Apparently it counts as a delivery attempt if the driver walks up to the door and sticks the 'InfoNotice' on the door, then walks away.

I was literally sitting three to four feet from the front door and never heard a knock. I went outside to check the mail only to find the 'InfoNotice' laying on the ground. Now I can't get my package until Monday, unless I'm lucky enough for the packages to be brought back to the delivery center for the ONE HOUR they are open every day. UPS is the absolute worst option for shipping anything.

I will never buy anything from a company again if they only ship UPS. Not only did they lose a customer, they caused several other companies to lose a customer by association.

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Alexandria, Virginia, United States #733865

Ups sucks I live in an apartment building and I have a handicapped relative that lives with me who cannot lift more than five pounds. The last couple of times I've ordered something they went straight to the rental office which closes at 5 p.m.

and opens at 9 a.m. Mon-Fri to drop off the package. I work from 7:30-6:30 Mon-Fri. I could see if they actually attempted to deliver the package but they don't meaning they don't even leave a notice.

They are terrible I absolutely hate having my packages delivered by them. The thing that really *** me off is that my relative is always home so they would be able to open the door.

Neither of us can lift heavy packages. I just really hate ups.

Kingman, Arizona, United States #673194
UPS does not have the quality of delivery service it had 10 years ago. I live in Arizona and the UPS customer service tells me that is up to "driver discretion" how and when a package will be left at a consumer's house.

This means packages can be left sitting in boiling heat conditions, left roadside, etc. Apparently UPS has a new policy, packages without a signature required can be left anywhere by the house and there's no such thing as three delivery attempts.

The drivers will not honk their truck horns to let you know they're outside nor will they leave a package delivery notice if you're not home and don't expect to get any resolution no matter how many supervisors you speak with--they just don't care; furthermore, there's no way to get any resolution because they are such a corporate conglomerate that nobody is in any kind of customer relations capacity and yet everyone who answers then phone for UPS is a designated supervisor, someone who can correct customer related problems. :(

Drivers no longer have the time to knock. If a signature is not required, its drop and run. Neither your postman or your paperboy knock, do they?

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #746435

you're a fecking ***.

Richardson, Texas, United States #671076

If you were sitting 4 door feet from the door and never heard a knock, might be time to get your hearing checked !

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