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I had a Christmas present shipped via UPS to my residence. I actually work for a living so I do not get home until after 5pm.

I left a note to the driver letting him know that. He still tried a second attempt in the middle of the day. I called UPS to explain the package was going to a residence and I wouldn't be home until after 5pm. She said quote "I can't guarantee the driver will deliver after 5pm." and I said quote, "Well there will be no one there to receive until after 5pm so what shall we do." She said, and I again quote, "so you want me to return the package?" Really they refuse to deliver the package when I'm home.

Asking for after 5pm deliver is a norm for residential delivery. Funny how FedEx never has a problem getting ANY package to me. To note, I did not chose UPS the vendor I purchased the merchandise from did. Now they just lost a sale as the product has been return.

UPS has managed to hurt (2) customers in one transaction. Good Job UPS! PS: Their website allows you to request delivery after 5pm but they charge an extra $5.99 stating it is a fee to change the delivery.

Really I have to pay extra to have it delivered any time M-F after 5pm??? UPS sucks!

  • Bad service by UPS
  • UPS won t delivery to a residence
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Birmingham, Alabama, United States #753115


I know a Driver, and there is no Driver who has an 8 hour day at this time of year.

Most are out 11 hours + every day.


If you are work each day, why not have the items shipped to your work, and you will not have issues with your shipments?

and, Business addresses are lower cost than Residential, so you save money as well.

Problem solved!

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #752665

Yes of course, the driver should finish his regular route and then return to each house where people "work for a living" and deliver when they want. That way he can make an 8 hour shift into a 16 hour one.

What if even 10% of the people on his route are entitled and need special treatment? Your wait time would triple.

It's not all about you. There are other people on the planet.


Yes you have to pay the reasonable and low fee to change the delivery time, your Majesty. Watch your fkkkknng attitude and play nice.

You can't demand the company cater to exactly how you want it.

Ew, such high maintenance entitled b's in the world. Customers can be SO RUDE!


If UPS driver delivers to you after 5 pm, the packages he or she has picked up during the day will miss the outgoing shipment, and all will be late. I have no regard for people who think of only themselves.

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