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Shipped December 16th from Colorado to Miami, was to arrive Dec. 21st.

This box was insured and had tracking...well guess what? It DID make it to Miami as promised on Dec 21st, was even out for delivery, but then...

Ok, this is where it gets crazy. UPS freely admits that they mixed MY box up with a group of boxes that are supposed to be delivered to a commercial address, some school. So because the school is closed for the holidays, all the packages have been put aside, sealed in a container on a trailer, not to be delivered until JANUARY 10th...that is nearly a MONTH from when it was originally shipped!

Now I understand that it's the holidays and delays of a few days are to be expected, but this is ridiculous. UPS knows where the box is, they admit it was an error on their part (having nothing to do with events out of their control , i.e. weather), and they simply refuse to go get it out of the trailer. It's not even an option to go pick it up before then, which I would gladly do just to get my property back.

Now how frustrated would you be if your package was sitting only a few miles away but you couldn't get it for a month? Worse yet, this is costing me MONEY! The items in the box are custom designed paddles that I was to deliver to my customers on or around Christmas. I have had to tell them: sorry, I can't because the box with your paddle in it is being held against my will.

If you were my customer, what would you think?

This is all so unacceptable and unbelievable...the worst part perhaps, through all this UPS has been very unapologetic, has not offered to compensate me in any way, and agents have not returned my calls when they promised to. So I hope you like some bad press UPS, cause I'm posting this everywhere I can think of.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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