UPS delivered the wrong item, so we were instructed to place the item outside our front door for pickup. Fed Ex delivered another item on the morning of the UPS pickup and UPS picked up the wrong item.

Idiots picked up the Fed Ex item. We were never able to locate the item and lost it altogether. UPS refused to do anything, but said they would pikcup the corect item. Fat chance.

We kept it. UPS, all the way up to the corporate office, simply refused to do anything. I wouold have sued them but it was not worth it. Instead, I stopped using UPS for the 100+ pckages I deliver and get delivered each year.


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Winterset, Iowa, United States #117163

First of all, UPS did not deliver the "wrong item", they delivered a package. Whomever you purchased the "item" from, put the wrong "item" in the package and then shipped it via UPS. There is absolutely no way you can lay any responsibility for the "wrong item" on UPS.

Second, how do you know that the "idiots" at UPS picked up the package that FEDEX delivered the same day?!?!?! I ship through all three major carriers daily, and I can certainly tell you that all three labels are vastly different enough that each of their drivers/delivery personnel can easily tell the difference in them. So, unless you gave them the package, or have them on video picking up the FEDEX package, how can you say they picked it up???

And to answer the question posed by starwarsdan, yes, UPS does have a tracing department, and in most cases, theirs is heads and shoulders above the other two.

Not sure walter can call it theft, at least you can not say that the UPS driver stole the package.


call it theft. if only it was that simple


I personally prefer FedEx. Did you try asking for the tracing dept?

I have found in odd cases like this, specifically asking for a tracing specialist has helped, and both FedEx and DHL rectified odd cases like that for me. I don't know if UPS has such a dept.

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