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I purchased a keyboard on eBay. I am a software and web developer and tend to have weekend-heavy workloads, and was thrilled to have my keyboard scheduled to arrive on friday. I paid with paypal, and all was well. The next day when the shipping info came, the seller had accidentally shipped to the wrong address - somehow they saw my paypal confirmed address, which is not the address i listed as my shipping address in the order, which i double checked and he confirmed as well.

an aside - paypal refuses to allow me to change my confirmed address unless i put in a completely new bank account number. I have had the same acct number since i was ~10 years old, and originally registered for paypal and confirmed my address in high school. after moving out and getting married, they wont let me update the address even though i changed the account info with the bank. I dont want to change my account, as this is now my and my wife's shared account. just another rant...

So I contacted the shipper, as I cannot have any packages go to my parents home address - my mother, who suffers from severe psychological and antisocial problems and passionately hates my wife and I, trashes any mail that comes to the house instead of forwarding it on to me.

Shipper says no problem, he had already dropped the package off but will call UPS and do a delivery intercept/change of address. UPS' policy is that only the shipper can do this until the first delivery attempt is made - thats *** but OK. He responds to me saying that because he bought the postage through paypal, UPS refuses to allow him to change the delivery but he can go ahead and cancel the shipment and it will be returned to him, and he will reship. Ok this is getting to be a pain, but I agree and he cancels it, I get a confirmation from UPS that it has been cancelled via email.

Fast forward to friday, I check the shipping info to see if it has made its way back to him yet, and am shocked to see it listed as out for delivery to my mom's house! I double check to see that the shipment was cancelled, it was, so i frantically contact the seller. He says he will call UPS to take care of it. He calls, and is told that since he bought the UPS label through paypal, only a paypal employee can do a delivery intercept, and he has to call paypal. wonderful. He says he will call paypal, and meanwhile I call UPS. I speak to a rep after foiling the phone system(just keep saying 'no' when it asks for a tracking number until it forwards you) and carefully and politely explain my situation. I get standard form answers, and told that they will make a delivery attempt and to call back after it happens. I reiterate that once delivered, it will be thrown away and I need to get it before delivery. They refuse, and tell me to contact the shipper. I explain that the shipper has tried repeatedly and been refused. She says I cant do anything about it until they attempt delivery. I even requested that maybe she could give instructions to the driver to only deliver it if someone answers the door and not leave it on the porch, in case she isnt home, but she says that only the shipper can request that as well. I got angry and asked to speak to her supervisor, who gave me the same unhelpful answers.

Getting off the phone I hear from the seller, who says paypal doesnt handle shipping and has never even heard of such nonsense before. We both call UPS back, and are both told that only a Paypal employee can change the shipment, despite telling them that paypal doesnt do that.

Now im upset, ive been looking forward to this keyboard all week (an IBM model M) and now it looks like its lost forever. I dispatch my friend (im at work) to wait for the UPS man and see if he can intercept the driver before he makes it to the door. He goes, but has to leave to pick up his dad at the airport before it gets delivered. I get off work at 5, notice that it was delivered at 5:24, and jump in the car with my wife to race down there and see if it happens to be on the porch (UPS info says "left on porch"). We get there at about 6:00, see nothing on the porch, and no answer at the door. The keyboard is gone, but at least I can change the shipping info now =)

I will never use UPS again nor will I purchase from any business or seller that uses UPS. their complete lack of customer service, flexibility, or common sense and logic which has resulted in me losing the item that I paid for and paid to have shipped using their service is infuriating and unacceptable.

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I feel bad for you.I am currently going through an issue with UPS.

Right now, I and my boyfriend are sitting outside waiting (the UPS guy refused to deliver the package to the rear door even though he had does so many times before)for the UPS truck to come.We plan to take my package (which happens to be important school book) and then give the horrible driver a peice of our minds...



there must be an awful lot of cynical people or UPS employees on here.

fyi anonymous, police escort is not available for personal disputes, at least not from HPD. check it out before you give bad advice next time.


If you knew it was out for delivery to your whack-job mother's house, just ask for an officer to be present so you can accept your package. Problem solved.


UPS refused to allow the seller or shipper to change the address...thats definitely a UPS problem.

and we are talking about the bank account's confirmed address. I have a new shipping address, but the seller also has access to your confirmed address and he mistakenly sent to that. Ive spoken to paypal on the phone and they refuse to change it.


I just went to Paypal and changed my address by adding a new address, making it my home address, and removing the old one, nothing at all to do with my bank account.


This sounds more like a Paypal problem than a UPS problem. I don't understand why the shipper couldn't get it sent to the correct address the second time, but I still the the problem is with Paypal.

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