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UPS Claims Dispute

Package was picked up by UPS at my home 2/15/13 (Friday) in Delaware

The item was wrapped and taped with card board, forming an inner box around the item, then $20.00 worth of bubble wrap was wrapped around that, and then it was placed in a box. The box was not only taped closed at seams but several runs of packaging tape was used to tape in all directions to keep package secure.

If the packaging wasn’t adequate the driver should have said so.

Item is delivered 2/22/13 (Friday) in California

Packaged received at destination after delays by UPS stating address was wrong, which it was not. Receiver calls the evening of delivery and states that the item is broken. I request he take pictures and send, which he does immediately.

The following day the claim is filed with UPS 2/23/13 (Saturday). I am told by UPS representative that UPS will either, (1) Inspect the damage at receivers home, or (2) Pick up package and take it to UPS station for inspection, and then I would be contacted.

Feb 23 I receive an unknown $12.00 charge from UPS in email

March 2nd I receive an unknown $4.62 charge from UPS in email

After numerous (6-8) calls to UPS I am finally told the item is on its way back to me. I inquire about the claim/inspection and am told it has not been inspected.

March 9th I receive a $91.25 charge from UPS in email (return shipping from California to Delaware).

Additional calls are placed and confusion still continues on the part of UPS as to what is going on with this, like the call I received from the Delaware UPS station asking if this package was suppose too be coming to me or going to California?

And still no answer regarding the claim.

Finally on 3/15/13 (Friday) I receive a voice mail from UPS stating that the claim is denied because of improper packaging.

Through the tracking number I see the package is scheduled for delivery on 3/18/13 (Monday). It does not arrive until 3/20/13 (Wednesday).

The delivering driver is the same driver that picked up on 2/15/13. The box doesn’t resemble a box, but looks more like a ball of cardboard and tape. Looking at my expression the driver was curious and asked something like “what is going on with this”? I told him the long story as he shook his head throughout. I also told him that the claim was denied which he said was “normal”. I explained the damage, a metal cover that was broken and he stated that in order for that to have happened the box must have been dropped. I asked if he remembered picking up the package on 2/15/13 and he stated that he did, and that it was a late pickup (5pm) and that UPS had sent two trucks to pick up. Yes, he remembered right, because as he was loading the box in his truck that night another UPS truck pulled up. I asked what he thought of the packaging when he picked it up and he stated that “it seemed fine”.

Upon my inspection, some of my original packaging materials are not present.

So in total about 5 weeks for UPS to handle this from start to finish.

As for the damaged item, a replacement cover is probably about $100. If UPS had inspected in California like they said they were going to do and contacted me I could have given the buyer the $100 for a new cover and story over.

In addition to all this, since the item was an eBay transaction, and with all of the delay, which I was faulted for, the buyer filed a formal complaint against me with both eBay and PayPal. PayPal decided in the buyers favor, refunded him and back charged my account the selling price and shipping fees, a total of $1053.00.

And of course my reputation as a seller on eBay has been tarnished.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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That was a box not designed to hold that much weight

The box more than likely had empty space in it. The person that send it back repackaged poorly.

Maybe the package dropped. However your packaging should stand up to that kind of abuse. It clearly did not.

It is said that it broke but it is amazing how few people actually know how to package a box correctly.


These reviews are FAKE and are not posted by actual consumers, but instead by the owner of the site.


Ok, for something over 70, bubble wrap is a start, but when it pops, it turns into little more than Saran Wrap, providing virtually no cushioning.

The item should be in a new, or like new bos, which that box is not.

It appears the bubble wrap you used was just stuffed in to and not wrapped around the item.

Your own pictures hurt you, I do not see 3" of space between the item and the sides, top or bottom of the box, nor do I see 3" of cushioning around the item, either, again, that box is not even the right size, it appears it was cardboard made to around the item.

I doubt very few will agree with you after seeing your own pictures of how bad it was packed.


the "H" on the label reflects a package that weighs 70#+, the packing shown would NEVER support an item that weighs over 70#. all carriers have packing guidelines, this package would never meet the guidelines for any of them.

not only is the box not of sufficient size, the bubble wrap is not sufficient, and worst of all there is no styrofoam to support the item. fact is you packed your item poorly. i don't care what you say a driver told you, unless he had x-ray vision there is no way he would know. the proof is in the way the package looks today.

next time pack properly and/or ask a professional to help you. lesson learned.


To me, the shape of the box looks like it could have been better, and then maybe all the interior packing that you say you did would have been sufficient. But the box it was packed in looks like it was a "make-shift" box, to begin with.


For what ever reason I can't login except anonymosly right now. You sound like someone from UPS Claims!

The box looks like that after it was bounced by UPS from Delaware to California and back to Delaware and sat who knows where for a about 2 weeks as well. It was a brand new box when shipped, item wrapped and tapped with new sheets of card board, then wrapped with bubble.