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UPS refuses to enter my building to deliver or pickup. They claim it is a safety issue and not discrimination or racist.

I lived in NYC all my life and never had to go outside to pick up my own packages. It wasn't until I moved to Staten Island (which has the lowest crime rate of all the boroughs)in the projects did I experience this. I complained to Consumer Affairs and they said more folks had to complain.

I'm going to court as this must be illegal. UPS says they are using Jersey policy for Staten Island.

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If they say it's a safety issue, then it's a safety issue. Why on earth would you assume discrimination or racism as reasons for their unwillingness to deliver inside your building?

Sure - you go to court.

You're *** because you have to walk to the main entrance of your apartment building to pick up a package, but you're willing to go to court to fight UPS? GIVE ME A BREAK.

Isn't there a better way to spend your time?

Like ... making your projects safer, raising money for the homeless, feeding a stray dog, planting flowers, neighborhood watch ...

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