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WTF UPS! I knew before the *** package ever left the sender that I didn't want it, and I called UPS as soon as I received the tracking number (before UPS' tracking website showed that they got the package from the sender). They have the capability to verify my identity (as evidenced by the fact that I had to answer several questions about items on my credit reports to setup an account on UPS' website). However, those jackballs don't allow me to refuse a package until the driver physically shows up at my house. FAIL.

I would expect the identity verification to be good enough evidence of my physical address for them to accept a refusal BEFORE delivery, but NOOOO...

So I left a sign on my door, refusing the package. That night, UPS' tracking website showed that I had refused the package and that it was returning to sender.

Well guess WTF I found at my doorstep today... that's right, the GD package.

I called UPS' customer "service" line to complain and demand a return. Yes, I was told on a Thursday at 7pm Central, a driver would pick up the package from my doorstep on... MONDAY. "Not tomorrow (Friday)?" "No, sir." "I get a lot of packages; if the driver comes to my house tomorrow to deliver another package, can I hand him this one?" "No, sir. If you do that, the package will just be delivered to your house again. You have to wait until Monday." FAIL.

Wow, that's retarded.

Moral of the story: Those *** REALLY want to push you to take the packages, even if they are for *** that Amazon sends you that was accidentally ordered. Of course, that's another FAIL for Amazon, because I couldn't cancel the *** order even though I clicked Cancel Order a few hours after it was placed and before it was shipped. *** all 'round.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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You're a tool.


Moral of the story: You "accidentally" ordered a product online. You waited hours after it was placed to Cancel the Order.

You selected an item from Amazon, ordered it, and UPS delivered the item to you. YOU failed, try again.