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Turnaround Time

UPS and other shippers should have the ability to allow the recipient of the package to UPGRADE shipping speed. For example, a RECIPIENT would enter the UPS tracking number and be presented with the ability to PAY an additional fee to have the package delivered faster.

To facilitate this, UPS may limit the time when such an upgrade is possible. For example, the time the package is in route and at the sorting facility.

Once the package passes a certain point, the computer scanning the tracking number can check for any RECIPIENT upgrades in shipping speed and if no upgrades, the computer BLOCKS all abilities to upgrade from that point....SENDERS can also be given the ability to upgrade shipping speed during the packages route.

This will bring added income to UPS and since it works with advanced computer systems that already track the packages location, it would NOT be difficult to add this new feature to it's computers. Especially since UPS uses generic packaging and the LABELS are the most important item to determine destinations and delivery speed.

I'm claiming intellectual property rights on this idea via a "Business Method Patent"

Reason of review: On time delivery.

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