Boise, Idaho

Almost every package I received through UPS, since I am home-bound and do a lot of online shopping; when it gets here it is wet if it's rainy or snowy and there is a boot print on the package. Usually when they do this they WILL knock on the door and tell whoever answers "good luck" and then just walks away!

I was going to write to the company but after seeing all the complaints it would be like spitting into the wind.

How do we get them to stop what they are doing? I know just writing a complaint is not going to change how they do business.

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So let me get this straight... when it gets to you if it is raining or snowing the package is...

WET? God forbid the package gets a little wet in the rain. And every single package you have delivered has a boot print on it? Sounds to me like you're exaggerating a bit.

How do you get them to stop what they are doing? How about you don't ship with them and they will stop.

Boo hoo some more and keep shipping with UPS, or use another carrier like FedEx or USPS and then complain about THEIR services when something you don't like happens. We don't live in a perfect world, I really hate to tell you that but that is the truth.


Nobody required you to buy things online. Nobody made you use UPS to ship those items.

Use FEDEX, and they will put your box in a waterproof bag for you if you aren't home. At least they do for me.