On Sept 10th, "Rob" at UPS customer service sexually harassed me when I tried to find out why a one-day delivery shipment was late.

His supervisors at UPS are now protecting him. I have tried every number they have in an attempt to report him, and everywhere I call they claim to be very concerned and agree the agent was inappropriate. Then they run me around a bunch of different departments, making me retell the story until eventually one of them hangs up on me. I have spoken with "Darren", "Britney", "Shannon", and a very rude supervisor named "Reggie" who hung up on me the instant the other supervisor stopped listening in on the call.

UPS clearly doesn't care if their CS reps sexually harass their customers. Use someone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

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Sorry but I agree.....this is no place for a compliant of this nature......it should have gone straight to the police. If these clowns have done it once...you can bet they have done it before....get it properly documented.....this is not the forum


"this is not only censorship but a violation of my 1st amendment rights. "

Clearly you don't know the meaning of either, therefore your entire story is in doubt.

Thanks for playing, goodbye.


This sounds to be a very serious issue.

If it was me, I would be very involved with the Authrities in doing all that is legally possible to get this resolved.

I would not be wasting my time on an internet site complaining about how the site is run.

Seems the original issue would be a better use of time.

Wow! I posted this complaint and "pissedconsumer.com" edited all the names that I originally posted.

They edited the location and this is not only censorship but a violation of my 1st amendment rights. Let's try this again: The location is UPS Daytona Beach, the manager was Rob Evans(now retired), the driver super that rudely hung up on me was Chris. The phone handlers were Heidi, Patricia, and Mary at the front desk. It's against the law to censor when providing an open forum.

Shame on you pissedconsumer Yes I have a screen shot.

Dishonesty- the American Way!!!!!! :(

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