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I shipped a computer via UPS to my brother in law who was going to add some items to it and send it back. It made it there fine.

He shipped it back to me and it would not work. UPS had damaged the computer during shipping. When the package was inspected by their insurance company they said there was not enough packing and they would not pay for the repair. This is the 2nd computer in the last 4 years to be damaged extensively by UPS.

Guess I'll have to switch carriers next time. Maybe I should try Fedex.

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Thanks for the packing info. No, I had it prof.

pkg the next time. Thanks for your help.



You paid to have it packed? That changes things a bit. Did you go to a UPS Store? Or was it another type of pack & ship store? If you have something professionally packed and then it breaks, then the store is responsible if the claim is denied.

The best way to guarantee that a cpu, or any piece of high value electronics, gets to its destination safely every time is to double box them.

Laptops: 15x11x4 into an 18x14x12 - bubble wrapped in the inner box, peanuts between the inner and outer boxes.

Towers: 20x16x10 into an 24x20x14, with same packaging procedures.

Something close to these sizes anyway, doesn't have to be exact.


Thanks for the information. No, is was definitely working when it left his house.

He just recently sent me another computer.

I paid $45 to have it packed. How do you pack yours?


Shipping insurance doesn't cover functional damage. In other words, if the package gets there, the box looks ok but the cpu just doesn't work, that's not something that insurance companies pay for because they don't know that it worked in the first place.

Maybe your brother did something wrong when repairing it. And if this is the 2nd cpu to be "damaged" that you've sent, I'd have to suggest packaging them better in the future.

I've packed and shipped about 3000 cpus in the last 10 years and haven't had one break. And FYI, Fedex, nor any other carrier covers functional damage either.

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