it seems like no one is being held accountable for poor service in UPS I have tried to avoid using this compay for about 2 years now since the bad experiences just kept coming, this is not a door to door service, it is a lot cheaper to send a package via USPS and faster too. and if you call customer service to complain, it seems like they are all friends and cover one another...I hate to say this but it seems like since the hispanics started taking over some of the management jobs, not to mentioen other races....

the customer service began to decline, by the way AM HISPANIC"

but this is what I have notice, hopefully one of these managers can read this commnet and do something about it. with this economy the way it is, service should be climbing instead of dropping.

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UPS is *** ***. They sent my package to the wrong address, and now I'm about to find the receiver. This makes me exhausted.


I have ordered alot of things on amazon and have normally had good service but for the last 3-4 packages i have not they threw my packages in the dirt "so what if they were in a ups garbage bag" they were left close to my fence so someone could just reach over and get it some were a lil bit away from the fence but they were all left in the direct sunlight!..my 4th package im waiting on i spent $3.99 on amazon to 1 day ship it saldy it did not end up with fedex like my other order my item is worth $20-$30 it's 100% pure shea butter it "is/was" coming by ups i was sposed to get it today by noon..I did not get my package today at all and my mother was "kind" enough to call the person there said they could not give me or her any info but i should contact amazon to get my shipping back!..that get but who's going to give me my $20-$30 worth of shea butter back?...i hear it lose's some of it mosturizing and healing propoties being exposed to alot of heat..so much for good service! :(


Maria, have you tried taking up your beef with The UPS Store? Those stores are still franchised with Mail Boxes Etc (both in Canada and the U.S.) If you used the TUPS location to ship it, they are the primary service provider and recognized by UPS Canada as the Shipper of Record.

Basically, UPS Canada has no responsibilities towards you at all.

TUPS does, regardless. Most of the TUPS locations though are touch nuts to crack as they lose any refunded moneys out of their own pockets.


*** ups sent a watch through this company! That watch was $4659!!!

They lost it and won't pay even if I insured it! They will pay the amount I paid them to ship it but nothing else.

There should be a class action law suit for this trash company! Bunch o thieves!!!!!

Hampshire, Illinois, United States #236020

I went to the UPS store inside staples located at north greenbush, NY to send a package, paid $108 but it did not get to my cousin on time!!! Now UPS is insisting that I should pay them $120.47 to have the package sent back to me from UPS canada.

So ridiculous!!!

Do they think people are so *** to keep on giving them money and not getting any service on return??? I am telling all my friends, my family, my patients and everybody I know and meet about this nightmare that I am going through right now with UPS!!!!

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