We've lived in our home for 15 years in rural Illinois and for the past three years have not had one good experience with UPS. After complaining multiple times and even asking them to call for us to pick up our packages they still can't get it right.

I've had thousands of dollars of merchandise left out by our mailbox which is a 1/4 mile away from our home, watched the driver throw, yes throw a package from ten feet towards our front door, electronics by the way, leave packages of fruit by the mailbox during the winter months, have been told the driver couldn't make it down our lane during the winter though the phone company, Fedex and our propane gas company had no problem, and now I received a post card saying after fifteen years they now need directions to our home. With that they couldn't deliver our latest package, and if we don't pick it up by 12-18 their going to send it back to the shipper.

What is the most irritating about this is for 12 years we never had an issue using UPS and Fedex has never had a problem ever.

On 12-11-09 at 1:11PM the tracking records show that a delivery attempt was made but there wasn't anyone available to sign for the package. This can not be since my wife works from home and no one ever came to the house. I think between the door bell and our three dogs she would have noticed a delivery truck driving down our private lane which only has three homes.

At 7:23PM on the same day they said they needed directions to our home and that they sent us a postcard asking us to pick up our package. If you ask me it sounds like just another of their incompetant drivers not wanting to perform the tasks of their job.

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