New Hampton, Missouri
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UPS shows they left a package at my front door? It was left ON my truck hood, which was parked IN the street. Package was dirty like had been rolled in the dirt and was open on one end.

Delivery/tracking said left at close to 6pm last night, on 9/30, but wasn't left here at all. We were outside at that time, and saw truck go flying past our house. It didn't stop at any of the houses on this street at all.

And don't appreciate a dirty box being left on the hood of my nice truck either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: delivery, lies and damage.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • UPS delivery failure
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I agree with Anonymous in North Fork. Probably left at wrong address.

Looks like it's from Doctors F&S..maybe UPS was scared of your dog? Might be why your neighbors didn't leave on your'm kidding.


Possibly it was misdelivered to a neighbor over a street (since the truck went past your house) who left it on your truck after they got home and found it? It looks as if they might even have opened it and then discovered it wasn't theirs. This happens to us now and then, though more often with the postal service, and it it is delivered to one neighbors house they just keep it.


You really think the Driver is going to take the box and clean it up like new?


It's not a nice truck, looks like a POS


Shoulda bought a Ford.


Probably had a dog outside.


maybe get the driver ''relocated'', but that's the best you'll able to do