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I purchased a small book for 15 dollars and the shipper sent it UPS which of course required a signature and I like most people work 7-3. Yet the UPS driver each time decided to deliver the package at the exact same time 2:45; apparently he had no brains as any semi-intelligent person would have chosen a different time the second or third try. It's absolutely ridiculous that I am unable to receive a book I paid for 2 weeks ago; I have had delivery problems with the post office or fedex or any other delivery company.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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UPS drivers typically cover 1 specific area and delivers all business, ground, next day and residential out of the same truck. Routes require business customers before residential stops, not because they don't care about the residential customers (business owners live in houses too).

It just would not be possible to successfully complete all deliveries as business hours usually end at 5. Drivers could not possibly deliver residential and leave themselves no time to make it to business customers before they close and make the scheduled pickups for the day. Most residential deliveries do not require a signature unless it is requested such as valuable materials or you live in a higher risk area. In cases like this you can always request to have your package set aside in will call to be picked up at your convenience, usually the centers are not extremely far away as they have to be close enough in order for the trucks to make the daily commute.

P.S. Chris is correct to some degree. UPS is not like other delivery companies. The work load given is unreasonable.

Believe me, if driver's did have the time to break off the route to accommodate, most would.

Most drivers don't have time think about sneezing.....Oh yeah, the other day I had 185 stops. I didn't see my family that day.


And way to use exaggeration to make a point; 120 stops, what a wild assumption. Perhaps *** next time you should apply a a little logic and your argument won't be so pathetic. And while your at it *** buy some tampons.


I want him to use common sense disgruntled delivery man. Common sense would dictate the delivery man come at a different time, this is what other delivery companies do. You are a ***.


So you want the driver, who probably has 120 other stops to make that day, to completely change his route and risk delivering other people's packages late just to accomodate your work schedule? Kinda selfish, don't you think?

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