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UPS plays Grinch to 85 Year Old Woman in Altoona, Iowa

Thanks to a UPS driver who entered bad weather as his/her excuse for not delivering packages scheduled for delivery by 8 p.m. Christmas Eve, my 85-year old mother will not get her main Christmas present from me on Christmas Day and will not have her main Christmas present for my sister on Christmas Day. Both packages, out for UPS delivery as of 8:49 a.m. on Christmas Eve Day, with scheduled delivery by 8 p.m. the same day, were returned to the UPS store 49 minutes early at 7:11 p.m. with a notation “Delay in delivery due to weather or natural disaster “. This was despite UPS being able to deliver packages earlier that same day to me, at my home 10 minutes away from my mother’s, and despite the bad weather being four days earlier. When I contacted UPS and spoke to a manager prior to the 8 p.m. scheduled delivery time, I explained that my mother had left her front door open and spent most of the day in an uncomfortable chair by the open door so she could bring the items (both digital devices) in out of the cold as soon as they were delivered. The UPS manager contacted the local UPS center to see if they could still deliver the package on Christmas Eve, per the original schedule. When the local UPS center was unwilling to send someone out with the packages so they could be received on the scheduled date, I volunteered to drive to the store to pick the packages up. The local UPS center indicated that none of the packages returned on the trucks were going to be rescanned tonight. Apparently the reference to the package being rescanned at 7:11 p.m. was as inaccurate as the excuse the driver used for not doing their job and delivering the packages. I am now worried that the packages are going to sit in a cold truck (the temperature is currently 10 degrees) until Wednesday morning when UPS opens again. Merry Christmas, UPS! I don’t plan on using UPS for anything I need to send in the future, and if given a choice of UPS or any other delivery service for items I purchase, plan on choosing a different company, one that understands what service is.

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Des Moines, Iowa, United States #589796

The Department of Transportation states thar drivers can only work a maxinum of 14 hours in a day. So with the volume of packages being delayed then loaded into the UPS trucks for delivery, one driver can only do so much!

Why did YOU wait for the last minute to ship the package??

Christmas comes just once a year, it's not like it sneeks up on you. Now UPS is to control the weather AND yor laziness!!!

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #586139
I also recieved the UPS treatment. There was no adverse weather to delay a package out for shipment except not enough time and UPS lied.

I went to work well past UPS on the same day. I could have delivered three or four packages for them including my own. But I still wait for it today.

well see if we ger adverse weather again.Hang in there. :grin
Columbia, South Carolina, United States #585991

I feel your pain, but ---1. There is/was a major winter storm in Iowa the past couple of days.

Check the news, you will see for yourself. 2.

Perhaps you should have ordered the gifts a bit earlier to ensure a delivery prior to the very last minute before Christmas? Just a thought.

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